•Preclinical and animal toxicity formulation 
   •Feasibility formulation screening and Phase I formulation development
   •Bioavailability enhancement
   •Innovative drug delivery systems
   •Generic product development
   •Troubleshooting for process development and manufacture

Dosage Form
   •Controlled release tablets
   •Gastric retention tablets
   •Oral disintegrating tablets 
   •Drug-drug combination products
   •Pulsatile delivery pellets
   •Transdermal delivery patches
   •Buccal delivery products

   •Polymorph studies
   •pKa determination
   •Solubility determination (in water and solvents)
   •pH solubility profile
   •Particle size distribution
   •Hygroscopicity studies
   •API salt selection
   •Solvate forms
   •API-excipient compatibility
   •Photostability of API
   •Container-API interactions
   •Intrinsic dissolution

Analytical Chemistry
   •HPLC with UV/visible, photodiode array, fluorescence, and reflective index detections
   •Karl-Fisher titrator
   •Submicron particle sizing
   •Stability testing
   •Tablet dissolution, hardness, and friability test

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